Two moments in time

1 July 2016

Australia has a treasure trove of lovely parrots, but many are not seen or recognised by Joe Public. The diminutive Rock Parrot is one such jewel. Found only along the cost in the south-west of Western Australia and on the central and west coast of South Australia they are readily overlooked on the beaches they inhabit


Feeding on the beach, Cape Le Grand April 2016

I first photographed these birds in 1984 when I visited Cape Le Grand National Park. Thirty four years later I was back at Le Grand beach and there they were again, just exactly as I had left them all those years ago! It was a real thrill to have a short time with them again and to remember my earlier trip when I was much younger. I went back two more times the next day but was unable to find the birds. Two moments in time, 32 years apart that I shall always remember!


Feeding on the beach, Cape Le Grand December 1984

So keep your eyes peeled for the little ones that are not as gregarious and noisy as these guys are!

Come back soon

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