Trees - A matter of perspective

20 June 2018

It is easy to walk or drive past a tree without giving it a second glance. How often do you actually take a second look or even spend a minute or two just taking it in? In my case I do it quite often, both as a tree appreciator and as a photographer. Trees are one of the more difficult photographic subjects, aside from perhaps the hard to resist autumn show of natures rich colour palette, it is difficult to find a perspective that rewards a second glance. The tree above looks quite beautiful with its triplet trunks soaring straight up into a perfect winter sky. But this is the view from lying on the ground directly by the trunk on one side. The view from the other side, or indeed from the car while driving along the road (below) was much less inspiring.


The redgum, Eden Valley

While it did strike me as an impressive tree, it wasn't until I spent some time with it that I really appreciated the majesty of this redgum. Another fine example of a historic tree that was here before European settlers set foot in the district, and probably even before Captain Cook stumbled on Australia. Take time out to walk around a tree, look up from underneath and you might be pleasantly surprised by what you find.


So I have taken on the somewhat difficult challenge of photographing some of Australia's iconic River Redgum

(Eucalyptus camaldulensis) trees. Stay tuned and see how I go, but in the meantime, when next you get an opportunity, take just three or four minutes to explore a tree.

See you again

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