Social Media

1 December 2018

It has been really interesting sharing images on Facebook and asking people to comment on them. These images are ones I have posted and asked people to describe what they think in one or two words, and I have then added those words to the images so you can what what responses they solicited. I started out doing this because I was wondering how different people would interact with my images. It is wonderful to see the extraordinary range of response that it solicits.

Koala - ANZANG

Many of the responses are things that I had never thought of, even though I had looked at the images many times, and some awoken me to things that were so obviously there I was amazed I had not seen it before. Others are just words that appear to have a very tenuous connection to the image for me.


One of the major things that I have learned from all this is how much people bring to the table when they look at an image, they are definitely not coming as a blank canvas waiting for my image to awaken them! In fact it is probably more the opposite, that my image is slotted into whatever is happening in your week, day or minute when you encounter the photograph. So this has been an important learning experience for me and my development as a photographer.


Thanks so much to everyone for joining in this exercise, you have taught me so much!


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