Sauvingnon Plonk

30 January 2018

When in Rome, or Marlborough, as the case may be, one should drink the local wine. So it was that we found ourselves in the Marlborough region of New Zealand’s South Island. Fortuitously our lovely hosts lent us a very cool Triumph Herald and our very cool companion Mr John Phillips as chauffeur!


So it was that we explored some wineries before we returned the car to the garage to avoid the rain. When the rain eased we switched back to the bike for a few more wineries.


This wine region is undoubtedly beautiful, with gorgeous straight rows of wines against mountainous backdrops. The cellar door facilities are likewise beautiful, groomed to within a mm. Since the wine industry in this region is relatively new (1970’s), so are the cellars. Nevetheless they have ambience and rusticity in spades. However it all seems a bit contrived and at times I felt like I was in a movie set rather than a working winery. I guess I am used to the real history and rusticity of the Barossa Valley where I come from. Still I can’t deny that the Marlborough region is beautiful, especially when savoured from a Triumph Herald! And the wine? Well like all regions there is some great wines and some less than great stuff. I found it hard to get used to having to pay for the tastings, especially when you only get to taste a select few of what is available for purchase.


If you've not yet met Mr Phillips or Gina here they are, our erstwhile travelling companions for the road ahead across to the north west of the South Island. John is my great friend from Universty days way back in the dawn of time when man first crawled out of the priomordial soup, and sat down to watch television. Gina is......., well Gina is Gina, what more can you say about such a voluptuous Italian lady?

Thanks so much to our wonderful hosts and new friends, Nicolette and Mike.


So KurveyGirl, to the north west!

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