NZ - where do all the tractors go?

15 January 2018

We managed to escape after the Auckland floods and rain, for a moment It looked like Noah’s Ark might wash ashore as well. The weather delayed us by one day after which we headed east to the Coromandel Peninsula, up the east coast road because the direct west coast road had been washed into the sea in the storms and was thus closed. We enjoyed some very fine weather on the Coromandel Peninsula, which did indeed live up to the hype


Hahei Beach

The area is studded with glorious beaches, bays islands and dramatic coastal scenery, along with mountains, forests and out of the way hamlets. It’s pretty easy to find a deserted beach here, although it has to be said much of Auckland and half of Europe also seems to be on holiday here at the same time as us! Fortunately we are on the bike which enables us to work our way up to the front of the chains of traffic, and then away from the campervan at the front. The roads are very windy and up hill and down dale so slow going for most vehicles.


It has been nice to have a few days at the beach in warm sunny weather, and even I have managed a couple of swims, though for places like Cathedral Cove perhaps more for the ambience of the location than the warm waters. Cathedral Cove and New Chums Beach are certainly very lovely, but probably no more so than many other more accessible beaches on the peninsula. Maybe it is the degree of difficulty in reaching the beach, the journey, that is more important than the destination?


New Zealand has an extraordinary amount of coastline for a relatively small country. It has about 15,000km of coastline, about a third of that of Australia, yet it’s area is only about 1/30th of that of Australia. No wonder there are so many boats, it’s a sailors paradise. It would seem that all of these sailors also have a tractor each, the preferred vehicle for totting down to the launching ramp with your boat and fishing gear. That’s where all the old tractors go of course, to the beach, and why not!


It is fortunate that the weather has been good because it has balanced out some problems we have been having with the bike. The rear wheel bearing collapsed, rear hugger got caught in the topbox mounting, fuel cap leaks and rear shock is shot! A litany of problems, coupled with dropping the bike and some minor injuries to self. Still as they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Where to next Kurvey Girl?


PS Thanks to Keith and Ruth for looking after us in Auckland, twice!

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