NZ - We made it to Southland

11 February 2018

Harbour, Bluff

Our extraordinary run of weather has pretty much continued all the way to the far south, as far as Stewart Island where we made a day trip via ferry from Bluff south of Invercargill. Island time was great, we just didn’t have enough of it. The south has a lot of charm with swathes of coast and lovely long bays, wildlife a plenty and a long long history of settlement, whaling, fishing and farming.


Oystercatchers, Riverton


Our first glimpse of the south coast

Our main reason for visiting Invercargill was to attend a motorcycle event, the Burt Munro Challenge. This is a four day festival of (mostly amateur) motorcycle racing. If you haven’t heard of Burt Munro and his “World’s fastest Indian” it is a story worth reading about or watching. The 2006 feature film has done much for the Invercargill economy, which could still do with a bit more of a boost. The town has a very strong motoring and machinery focus and is an absloute must for anyone interested in the history of motoring, motorcycling or trucking.


Part of the incredible collection at Transport World, Invercargill


It's hard to pick a highlight from the Burt Munro but the beach racing was pretty cool!

Like the top of the north island the south is somewhat less developed than much of New Zealand, although it is quite clear that there have been higher levels of activity here in the past and there remains some industrial activity here in the far south.


The ships graveyard, Greenpoint


We have been surprised by some of the contemporary residences

Well we’ve been to the far north of New Zealand and now the far south, and it is a fairly short, one week, run back to Wellington and then home. I suspect when we get on the ferry at Picton and start the final journey on the north island we will be wanting to stay on and keep going. Despite a few hiccups it’s been a brilliant trip, meeting many wonderful people and seeing so much natural and built beauty. If you haven’t been to New Zealand, come on down, but do come cashed up as travelling or living here doesn’t come cheap.


Art deco in the far south

Well KurveyGirl it looks like from here we can only go north!


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