January's art

23 January 2019

The last few weeks have been frightfully hot. So far this month our local weather station has only recorded 3 days with the maximum below 30 degrees and with six days above 40 degrees. It's hot alright, and very dry. At this time of the year a lot of gum trees struggle to take up enough water, they drop a lot of leaves, and sometimes very big branches, so much so that it is best not to sit, park or camp under big gum trees on the very hot days. I have had to clean out my gutters because of the substantial leaf shedding form the trees opposite our house, not because I am worried about the gutters overflowing into the house but because gutters filled with leaves are a great place to start a house fire if a spark lands in the gutter.


Lemon-scented gum, Second Valley Forest Reserve

On the bright side it is also the time of year when the annual shedding of bark occurs in many eucalypts, putting on a most wonderful display which literally changes by the hour.

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