Boob Rain

24 December 2016

Lat night was the first rain of the little flower caps from the river redgum trees opposite our house. When I got up this morning the footpath was covered in these tiny cups that had synchronously leapt like a million lemmings from the great gum trees above. It is amazing how the first day of flowering synchronises at the same time on the same day for so many flowers and so many trees.


The River redgum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) flower caps are only 3-4 mm in size

There is another series of coral gums lining a road around the corner, all of those trees also start flowering on the same day with a rain of flower caps, although as the flowers are much bigger there are fewer of them. They flowered a couple of months ago.


Eucalyptus torquata (coral gum) caps

Keep an eye out over the summer months, there are a lot of gum trees flowering and dropping small and large caps for your amusement


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