A reverence for trees - a silk scarf of green, brown and red

4 May 2016

Being an "open air artist" means that I have to suffer the ridicule of those around me, the odd looks and second glances of people who can't possibly imagine what on earth a grown man might be doing grovelling about on the forest floor, or floating little leaves on the river. But imagining is just exactly what I am doing. The challenge is to plunge on regardless.........

your imagination

allows you to create

some thing

out of no thing

personal stuff from bits of this

and a remnant of that

a fragment of something you saw here

a gossamer thread

from a fleeting thought

that whispered through your head

when a pretty girl ushered passed

an autumn leaf

sighing green and red

dizzied down from way up high

by a tree relaxing

in the autumn rush

so spare a thought

for the embarrassed artist

gathering up the leaves

with hope

and her silk scarf

of green, brown and red

conjuring up this

from a bit of that


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