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A reverence for trees - Confidants

31 May 2017

Why is it that seats are so often put by or under trees? The benefits are more than just shade, trees can also be companions to confide in, their ever present nature means that they have a wealth of experience and can give good advice, and they are great listeners. A seat placed a little too far from a tree looks out of place, lost. We would all be a little lost without trees.

IMGP2363 - Germany, Hohenheim

The garden, Hohenheim, Germany

Settings like this are places of contemplation, soliciting private thoughts, sometimes joy, sometimes happiness, sometimes peace, sometimes amusement, sometimes anticipation. An empty seat under a tree is an invitation to sit and think, to contemplate, and take in the fresh air, breathe out, and relax, you're in good company.


The garden, Graz, Austria


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