Yes the blog is still going, but it has moved!

September 30, 2015 | Leave a comment

If you’ve been wondering what’s happened to my blog it has moved across to my new mobile friendly nakedeye website This also provides an opportunity to purchase original prints of my work. I will shortly be moving everything over to the new platform, including my URL. Don’t forget to give my new site […]

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The tuart forest in the rain


August 1, 2015 | Leave a comment

Well it’s mid winter here, and it certainly feels like it! The last month has been cold and now we’ve had steady rain for a few days, and the little river opposite our house is flowing nicely. The house is a rather cold if you’re not next to a radiator. Still winter brings some rewards, […]

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Where’s the wheelbrace?

June 21, 2015 | Leave a comment

Last week I headed off for a day trip to do chase birds with my camera in an area I have been to many times before. After lunch I decided to head a little further away, to another nature reserve that I had not previously visited. I headed out on to station country, extensive grazing […]

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Diwali Cattle

India – Cultural Cornucopia

May 10, 2015 | Leave a comment

It’s remarkable that India manages to be one country. With so many different peoples, traditions, religions and languages it’s a wonder it all hangs together. But hang together it does with more than 20 recognised official languages. Hindi, the most widely spoken is the native language on not more than 25% of the population. Where […]

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India – Grace and Hope

May 6, 2015 | Leave a comment

Somehow through all the chaos, dust and squalor the women manage to remain pristine and so gorgeously colourful, wherever they are and whatever they are doing. Seeing them in their beautiful saris gliding across the rural landscape is a delight. The whole place is a hive of industry, every person is trying to make ends […]

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Morning kickstart in Kolkata

India – Kolkata

May 2, 2015 | Leave a comment

Kolkata is a cornucopia of the last 200 years, a bustling milieu where the 19th Century sits comfortably with the 21st Century. A world wide web of little yellow diesel taxis chug about moving global entrepreneurs or street traders with equal aplomb. Ancient crumbling temples and no longer loved colonial era buildings, rub shoulders with high rise hotels […]

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Bedia Tribal Village

What is it about India?

April 29, 2015 | Leave a comment

India is possibly the most remarkable country I have ever visited. What is it about it that gets under your skin? It might be the sea of humanity that constantly parades before you, those millions of personal journeys unfolding right before your eyes. Or perhaps the many stallholders beside the road, diligently sweeping a layer […]

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Lake CullulleraineCorella ANZANG

Cockatoo Chaos

March 24, 2015 | Leave a comment

    It is that time of the year again, late summer, when the white cockatoos flocculate into a great seething mass of mayhem, bringing calamity to our neighbourhood. The corellas are here all year round but it is in the summer, after breeding, when then they get together for the “summer holidays”. I know […]

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Perfect couple (Purple-crowned wren)

Natures Valentines

February 1, 2015 | Leave a comment

As Valentines Day is rapidly approaching I thought I would have a look amongst the birds and see what titillation I could find to celebrate the special day. I hope you manage to find some romance somewhere in February!       All photographs by Murray Unkovich

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The Great Banyan Tree, Kolkata

A Reverence for Trees – The Great Banyan of Kolkata

December 22, 2014 | Leave a comment

In countries other than Australia trees are held in high esteem, nurtured, and revered. This one in the botanic gardens in Kolkata, India, is a sheer delight. This single tree is a wonderland of trunks, a place to explore, to get lost, and to marvel in natures treasury. A cool respite from the heat and […]

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